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Thema: SafeBootKeyRepair (help)

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    SafeBootKeyRepair (help)


    Starting your computer into Safe Mode can lead to big problems.
    That's why you ought to download one of these tools before working in Safe Mode.

    In the case you get problems to reboot your system into Normal Mode, after having rebooted it into the Safe Mode, you will need a tool to repair the SafeBoot Key. There are malwares which change the registry keys. These keys must be brought back to their default settings. Therefore you can use one of these programs.

    1. The SafeBootKeyRepair tools of SuBs:

    ComboFix not installed: Version 1 (288,070 bytes):

    ComboFix installed: Version 2: (61,694 bytes)

    Download & run this tool > SafeBootKeyRepair-CF
    It shall only take a short moment for it to finish running.
    A log shall be produced at C:\SafeBoot_Repair.txt.
    Posting on our forum: make us see the C:\SafeBoot_Repair.txt
    2. The SafeBootKeyRepair tool of ElPiedra:

    Download the SafeMode,
    unzip it to your desktop
    Double-click onto it to run it
    Click ok > restart your system into Normal Mode.


    Many Thanks to ElPiedra and SuBs
    and to our Team Members Jintan and Yourhighness for the information about this problem
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